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Kibworth Park is not only home to our Alpacas but several other animals including Lillie the boar goat, Janis the angora goat, Penny the fallow deer, chooks of different breeds, Chinese goose, 4 cats that our sons left behind when they left home, one Sam is the foreman of the place does not miss a beat even when down the paddock she is right there and Sophie and Zac who believe they supervise everyone but the alpacas, they have healthy respect for the fence line.

Kibworth Park today has 38 animals currently the stud has produced seven fine grey animals with most animals carrying grey genetics.

We find this life as alpaca breeders at times a challenge as we both work full time for the Country Fire Authority but our day begins with Alpacas and ends with Alpacas.

We commenced showing our animals 12 months ago, which has opened a world which we have discovered provides opportunity to meet “like minded”  people, the opportunity to learn from other breeders , and have made some great friends at the same time.

The importance of continuing to developing your knowledge of the industry we believe is essential to achieving our goals.